Since opening its doors in January 1998, the Hungarian Translators House has been hosting those from abroad who render works of Hungarian literature, the social sciences and other humanities into their respective languages. The Translators House allows residents to work in a Hungarian-language environment, to meet with contemporary Hungarian writers, and to become acquainted with the latest works of Hungarian literature.

Just as importantly, the peaceful setting enables translators to accomplish much more quality work in much less time than they would amidst the distractions and sundry commitments of home. The Translators House is situated 125 kilometers south of Budapest on the northern shore of Lake Balaton - namely, in one of the region's loveliest and culturally most well-endowed communities, Balatonfüred. The recently renovated Liptak villa - an attractive house more than a century old and named after the long-time owner, the respected writer Gabor Liptak - can host six guests at a time and is open year-round. A 6,000-volume library, seven word processors, a printer, a photocopy machine, a telephone and a fax all facilitate the translators' work. A fully equipped, modern kitchen enables residents to prepare the food they can purchase with their stipends. Works by some of Hungary's foremost visual artists adorn the building.

Those wishing to apply for residencies must submit to the Hungarian Translators House Foundation a work plan, a list of publications, a resume, and a contract or letter of intent from a publisher pertaining to the work to be translated during the residency. There is no application form. Applications are continually reviewed by the foundation's five-member board of trustees. Depending on the length of the work(s) to be translated, residencies are awarded for two, four, six, or eight weeks. The stipend, currently 160,000 forints, is calculated to cover living expenses during the residency, to fund participation in cultural events and the purchase of materials - not least, books - that can enrich the translator's knowledge of Hungarian language and culture; and to partly defray travel expenses. The Translators House also hosts small-scale cultural events, symposiums, and workshops.

The Hungarian Translators House appreciates donations, whether in the form of funding that can be used to establish scholarships or in the form of books.





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Hungarian Translators House Foundation / Magyar Fordítóház Alapítvány,

H-1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 5.

Phone/fax: (361) 215 40 75. E-mail:



Tax reference number: 18072749-1-43

Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank Rt.: BIC (SWIFT) OKHBHUHB

HUF: HU96 1040 2166 2163 5449 0000 0000

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Board: László Lator, Júlia Lázár, Péter Rácz, Gábor Schein, István Vörös.

 Caretaker: Zsuzsa Bocsor Mrs. Szamosfalvi


Hungarian Translators House / Magyar Fordítóház

H-8230 Balatonfüred, Petőfi Sándor u. 36.

Phone: (36 87) 482 981(36 87) 482 981 . Phone/fax: (36 87) 481 794