Fifth Newsletter

Events of 2002

By early January the remodelling of the attic was completed, another room and a large community space and library was added to the house; the library may also be used for various workshops and seminars. The work was financed by the Prins Bernhard Fonds (The Netherlands) and the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage. - The Russian translator Tatjana Voronkina planted a. yew tree (taxus baccata) in the garden of the house honoring the memory of István Örkény, and some weeping willows (salix pendula) were also planted. - In April Tatjana Voronkina was the guest of the Lipták Szalon. - In the first week of June a delegation of Croatian writers visited the house, lead by Slavko Mihalic, the president of the Writers Association of Croatia. - On the 16th of June we had our traditional garden party. Following the welcoming words of the town's mayor, Sándor Pálfy, Gábor Roskó's summer exhibition was opened by the art historian Márta Kovalovszky. The Lipták Gallery, our fine arts exhibition displaying works generously lent by Hungarian artist, acquired several new pieces. The House now displays works by: Ferenc Banga, Imre Bak, Márton Barabás, Imre Bukta, Mária Chilf, József Darázs, Pál Deim, EI Kazovszkij, Miklós Erdély, László Fehér, László Felugossy, Áron Gábor, Bálint Havas, Katalin Káldi, Károly Kelemen, György Kemény, Ilona Keserü, Károly Klimó, András Koncz, Antal Lakner, Lois Viktor, Rezső Móder, László Mulasics, István Nádler, Réka Nemere, István Orosz, Sándor Rácmolnár, Gábor Roskó, Zsuzsa Szenes, Ágnes Szépfalvi, Klára Szilárd, János Szirtes, László Szotyory, Gábor Szörtsey, József Szurcsik - many thanks. The exhibition was once again organized by the art historian Krisztina Jerger. We launched our new publication, the first issue of the Füredi Fordítói Füzetek (Füred Literary Translation Leaflets), containing two short prose works by Imre Oravecz in sixteen languages. We would like to thank the translators for their work. The Dresch Quartett had their now traditional concert - with great success. The stew was prepared by Ágnes Karetka and Bernadett Nagy, the bulk of the kitchen-work was done by Christine Rácz and Judit Tóth. - On the 30th of June friends and relatives recalled the loving memory of Gábor Lipták, the former owner of the house. - We organized a French translator's seminar for the second time, this time it was lead by Ágnes Járfás. The participants were: Erzsébet Benoit-Szilágyi, Annie Kertész, Iris Stohsteiner-Maróczi, Olivier Masse­glia, Raoul Weiss, Caroline De Pinson, Dávid Lengyel and Gabriella Lombár. - Having fulfilled the time of her contract, Susi Koltai, who played a major role in foundation of the house, left the chair of the Pro Helvetia.. ­During the S. Quasimodo poetry contest we had the launch party of the Hungarian-Italian poetry anthology Egy hársfa emlékére. Gábor Görgey, the Hungarian Minister of Culture visited the House. - On the 22nd of Sep­tember we had the first open-doors day of the House, when the local citizens of Balatonfüred were invited to visit the house. - The Goethe Institut-Inter Nationes donated a collection of 23 CD­ROMs (dictionaries, encyclo­pedias) to the House. - Among others, the library received some Czech reference works. - We are thankful to the AB-AEGON insurance company for insuring the House. - Our caretaker Zsuzsa Bocsor Mrs. Szamosfalvi was a splendid help throughout the year. - In the course of the year the following media reported about the work of the Translators House: Napló (Veszprém); Füred TV, Magyar Rádió, Neuer Pester Lloyd, Prágai Tükör, Fejér Megyei Hírlap.