Literature in Flux

With the project “Literature in Flux” the HALMA network organizes a transnational cultural project with cultural NGOs from the Western Balkans and Turkey in cooperation with HALMA members. With the historical boat “Radetzky” as a temporary literary center we will embark on a literary journey from Ruse in Bulgaria to Vienna in Austria in October 2011. Writers, translators and journalists from at least 10 countries will participate and engage in dialogue about cultural exchange of the region. With the project we want to forge new relations with cultural actors in the Danube region and the Western Balkans with the aim of future cooperation and inclusion into the network. In the framework of the project we will prepare new literary translations of writers from the Western Balkans and Turkey in order to make their literature better known in the region and Europe and stimulate intercultural dialogue. Translation workshops in Vienna and Serbia aim at connecting writers and translators from the region and improvement of the quality of literary translations. In 2012 the second phase of the project “Literature in Flux” literary events in Croatia, Albania and Turkey where a publication will be presented and the first step of these partners into the network is made, in a first evaluation we will revisit the result of the first year.

The project is funded by the European Commission, the Austrian cultural institutes, Pro Helvetia.


Project partners:

Austria- Alte Schmiede Wien

Albania - Shoqata kulturore gjermano-shqiptare "Robert Schwartz

Bulgaria- International Elias Canetti Society

Croatia – Udruga Kurs

Hungary - Magyar Fordítóház Alapítvány

Romania- Culture Port Cetate

Serbia- International Center for Literary translators

Turkey - Kültürlerarasi Egitim ve Arastirma Dernegi



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